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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, often called simply L.A., is the largest city in the state of California and the second-largest (only to New York City) in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has a total area of 4,850 square miles and is home to roughly 13 million people. Los Angeles was founded in 1781 by Spanish Captain Rivera y Moncada, yet it was not incorporated as a municipality until April 4, 1850—five months before California achieved statehood. It is the county seat of Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles area is one of the world's centers of culture, science, technology, international trade, and higher education, and is home to world-renowned institutions in a broad range of professional and cultural fields. The city and its immediate surrounding vicinity lead the world in producing popular entertainment—such as motion pictures, television, and recorded music—which forms the base of Los Angeles's international fame and global status.


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  • The Dream Center (Formerly The Queen of Angels Hospital 1926-1989), Nadine (guest) wrote 3 days ago:
    3 of my four deliveries were with Dr. Marcotulli at Queen of Angels. Tragically, my first in 1968 was stillborn. Then beautiful babies followed, my daughter in 1971 and my son in 1972. I remember the doctor as compassionate, happy, and humorous. I've always had fond memories of him. And I always make a point of viewing the former hospital when I travel the 101 into town.
  • The Red Barn (Closed), Sandy H (guest) wrote 3 days ago:
    I remember the beef dips on cheese bread and tossed ice cold salads. I was just a young girl starting out working in Panorama City and loved this restaurant. Would love to have the recipe if the owners would be so kind. Sandy H.
  • 6th Street Viaduct (1932), dried wrote 5 days ago:
    This list doesn't include movies shot under the bridge like Grease, There is an easy access to the river under the bridge so it is a really popular location for chase scenes.
  • 6th Street Viaduct (1932), dried wrote 5 days ago:
    Here is a list of 33 movies or TV shows.,%20Los%20Angeles,%20California,%20USA&ref_=ttloc_loc_7
  • ExxonMobil Southwestern Terminal, mt front mersey (guest) wrote 8 days ago:
    what is the nearest shopping amall at berth
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